Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can order whenever! Unlike other subscription box services, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a fully customized box to our eagerly awaiting anime fans as soon as possible. The only caveat is that boxes ordered after the 15th of every month are not guaranteed to be shipped on the 1st of the next month but will still be shipped out later in the month. This delay is because we need time to customize your individual box. If you would like to have your box shipped immediately after it is assembled, give our our One-time box option a shot.

Each box is guaranteed to come with a first volume manga and other anime merchandise for a total of 6-8 items for your collection in each box! Additional items can include more figurines, jewelry, keychains, stickers, wall scrolls, plushies, clothing apparel, exclusive artwork, DVDs, buttons, acrylic stands, and anything else we think you'll love!

Here at the Anime Box Club, we do our very best to honor your genre preferences. While we can't guarantee every item will be suited to your exact tastes, we promise that at least three of the items in your box will be according to the preferences you specified.

For subscribing members of the club, polls will be held to determine specific items in each box for different genres. However, we will also hand pick the remaining items to suit as many unique tastes as possible.

To become a member of Anime Box Club, simply subscribe to any of our recurring monthly plans! Our current monthly box plans with membership privileges include our Signature Box and our Manga Lover Box!

Great question! Members are separated into 4 classes or ranks: C-Class, B-Class, A-Class, and S-Class. In order to rank up, all you have to do is stay subscribed for a certain period of time and on occasion, we will hold special opportunities for you to increase your rank. Each rank up will result in a reward for your next box!