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The Best Anime Loot Box Subscriptions of 2023

Looking for the perfect anime subscription box? Read our guide to figure out how to pick the best one for you!

William Katz
07/10/2023 7:20 PM

Picking a subscription box is hard. No, seriously– like really hard. For almost any niche hobby or activity, you can find 1, 2, 10, or even 100 different options for related subscription box services. With so many options on the market today, it is almost impossible try every type of box and decided for yourself.

Now, what about Anime subscription boxes in particular? Anime is easily one of the most diverse media genres in existence with thousands of different shows ranging in topics from heartwarming, complex love stories to decade-long epic adventure sagas to twisted, skin-crawling horror thrillers.

Naturally, the Anime subscription box landscape reflects this reality with hundreds of different options and brands to choose from, each catering to a different type of Anime fan. Thankfully, in this article, we are going to cover our top favorites of officially-licensed Anime and Japanese-related subscription boxes to help you decide on the best fit for you!

Japan Crate

Starting off our list and one of my personal favorites for authentic Japanese experiences is none other than the Japan Crate! With this box, you can enjoy a slice of Japan delivered straight to your doorstep from Tokyo!

Specializing in delicious snacks and drink, this box arrives with 17-20 exclusive candies that you can order from nowhere else in America. With a variety of different boxes to choose from, it is immediately clear why this box is so popular with your favorite foodie Anime fans.

Crunchyroll Crate

Next up on our list is another relative favorite for its reliability and diversity in topic: the Crunchyroll Crate! Those of you familiar with Anime already probably have used Crunchyroll on multiple occasions to stream your favorite Anime series at home.

As one of the supporters of the Anime industry, Crunchyroll, the largest digital distributor of Anime in the US, has recently rolled out their own Anime subscription box. Enjoy peace of mind when trying this box, knowing that all the items are officially licensed and up to date with the latest trends.

LookSee Mystery Gift Box

Debatably the most eye-catching box on this list, our third spot spot goes to the LookSee Mystery Gift Boxes! What we love about the LookSee Mystery Gift Box is not only their beautiful packaging but the fact that they dedicate entire boxes to individual Anime series.

If you are a diehard Shonen fan of series such as Demon Slayer or My Hero Academia, this box just might be perfect for you as every box highlights one character from each series. On top of their variety, LookSee is one of the most accessible boxes in the US with major retailers such as Target and Amazon carrying them in stock at all times.

Anime Box Club

If none of the above recommendations are what you are looking for, have you considered the idea of customizing your own Anime Subscription Box? Finally, last but not least on our list is… You guessed it: our very own Anime Box Club Signature Box!

As the only customizable Anime subscription box currently on the market, Anime Box Club members can choose to customize the contents of their box every month from 8 different genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Sports, Slice of Life, and Ecchi. With over 300 possible unique box combinations, we pride ourselves on handpicking and packing each of our members’ boxes to suit their specific Anime tastes.

As long-time Anime fans ourselves, we realize the choice to buy a subscription box may seem daunting at first which is why we hope this guide we put together helps you narrow down your options! Of course, if all else fails, maybe it’s time to consider customizing your own personal Anime Loot Box instead ;) From one otaku to another, live long and watch Anime!

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