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What is a Manga Cafe?

A uniquely Japanese concept, Manga Cafes or Mangakissas are showcased all the time in anime, but what exactly are they?

William Katz
07/07/2023 5:35 AM

Manga Cafés (マンガ喫茶, rōmaji: mangakissa) are a hallmark of Japanese culture and can be found in nearly every city in Japan. As the name implies, they are types of specialized cafes where visitors can pay to stay and read from an extensive collection of manga.

While every establishment has its own uniquities, the general concept is that visitors can enjoy a wide collection of manga while enjoying other services and facilities such as food service, various spa treatments, internet and computer services, and even overnight accomodations. As such, they have become a popular destination for both tourists and natives in Japan as low-cost affordable housing.

These establishments have also naturally been highlighted in various Anime and manga series, leading to overseas curiosity in the concept. In recent years, numerous manga cafés have sprung up in South Korea, France, Belgium, and Brussels.

While anime and manga in general have been rising in popularity in the United States, the concept of manga cafés has yet to take off as well, with few to no establishments existing in the U.S. For many fans craving an authentic, overseas manga cafe experience at home, this dream is nearly impossible without pausing daily life to travel directly to Japan. However, for any die-hard manga fan currently reading this article, don’t worry!

Until the trend catches up to America and other countries, here at Anime Box Club, we are proud to provide our Manga Lover Box, a mystery manga box designed to recreate the experience of a Manga Café all from the comfort of your own home. Every month, we will deliver a box chock-full of new and authentic Japanese snacks, drinks, and most importantly, manga right to your doorstep!

With three Volume 1 Mangas customized to your genre preferences in each box, you’ll have enough reading material for months to come!

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