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Best New Anime Releases – Summer 2023

Find out our top new Anime adaptation recommendations for this Summer 2023 Season to help you make an informed choice on what to watch next.

Talia Jiang
06/27/2023 10:57 PM

Looking for an all-purpose guide on where to start watching anime this summer? Then, this guide is for you! With so many new anime adaptations of popular manga, join us as we break down our favorite new simulcast releases this summer.

If you are interested in specific genres, be sure to also check out our watch guides on the Top 5 Romance Anime or 5 Must-Watch Action Anime of the Summer 2023 Season!

My Tiny Senpai

Overlapping with the first pick of our Top 5 Romance Animes this summer is My Tiny Senpai! Sweeter than a spoonful of sugar, this easygoing, office romance-comedy series is perfect for the casual Anime fan. Our two protagonists, Takuma Shinozaki and Shiori Katase, make for a delightfully endearing pairing with one teasing the other in a playful way.

Unlike other RomComs with similar premises, My Tiny Senpai isn't afraid to throw in doses of adult humor and perfectly exemplifies what a wholesome, mutual attraction looks like in the workplace. If you are looking for a comfortable, heartwarming series to binge this summer, My Tiny Senpai may be for you!

Sweet Reincarnation

Next up on our list is one of the most unique Isekai Animes to grace our eyes, Sweet Reincarnation! Originally a promising pâtissier who met an untimely demise, our protagonist is reborn as nine-year-old Pastry Mille Morteln into a destitute, new world of magic. Retaining his determination to make sweets that will make everyone smile, Pastry sets out to continue his dream while facing the medieval challenges of this new world.

If you are a foodie or an Isekai fan or both, then this Anime is a perfect summertime special for you to tune into every week. Just be careful about watching your sugar intake as Pastry continues making delicious-looking sweets every episode!

The Great Cleric

We have another Isekai Anime coming up! This time, The Great Cleric takes our number 3 spot with its excellent first impression. In this Anime, a former salaryman is reincarnated as fifteen-year-old Luciel, a teenager blessed with healing magic. Unlike other overpowered characters, Luciel values hard work and steadily improves his abilities in pursuit of living a long and happy life.

For an otherwise common story line, The Great Cleric sets itself apart from other Isekai Animes thanks to its excellent character development and mysterious plot developments. If it continues to faithfully the Light Novels, we have high expectations for Luciel and his adventures!

The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today

Before you judge, we get it, but looks can be deceiving! The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today is one of those Anime that may seem strange in concept, but end up turning out to be an absolute joyride! This hilarious and wholesome new Anime adaptation focuses on the daily life of office workaholic, Saku Fukuzawa, and her pet black-cat-turned-housekeeper, Yukichi!

A perfect balance of unspoken comedy, unique animation, and clever humor, The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today is easily the most unique new series being released this summer and seals our number 2 spot! Bonus point if you already love cats like we do!

Undead Murder Farce

Our number 1 spot goes to Undead Murder Farce, a rare release combining uncommon genres such as Mystery, Historical, and Supernatural! This hidden gem of an Anime focuses on Aya Rindo or more accurately, her disembodied head, as she searches for her stolen body. Along the way, she meets Tsugaru Shinuchi, a human-monster hybrid, specializing in slaying monsters who accompanies her throughout this world inhabited by vampires, golems, werewolves, and other paranormal creatures.

Boasting expressive cinematography, experimental editing, and a unique plot, the overall production of this Anime is a breath of fresh air for the Supernatural/Fantasy genre. We have been hooked from the very first episode and are confident you will be to!

As the summer sun shines brightly, these new Anime releases shine even brighter. With this exciting batch of shows, it's safe to say that Anime enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to in the months ahead. Happy watching!

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